The materials research strategy of the Helmholtz Association

The Helmholtz Association's materials research strategy encompasses the current and planned activities of all 6 research fields in this area. The focus is on interdisciplinary scientific approaches from the natural sciences and engineering, to address the challenges of digitized materials development. Networking of method- and information-based approaches of materials research with the different application areas, including the unique research infrastructures of the Helmholtz Association, provides the necessary prerequisite.

With its scientists, KIT is involved in many aspects of the implementation of the strategy, and has the lead in particular in the fields of "accelerated materials development" and "materials for the energy transition".

You can read more about the Helmholtz Materials Research Strategy on its website or download the german brochure "MATERIALFORSCHUNGSSTRATEGIE DER HELMHOLTZ-GEMEINSCHAFT".


Helmholtz Materials Bild 1
Helmholtz Materials Bild 2