Modelling and virtualization

Modelling and virtualization work in close cooperation with experimental efforts in many programs and departments of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, including the Helmholtz programs Materials Systems Engineering (MSE) and Natural, Artificial and Cognitive Information Processing (NACIP) covering essentially all aspects to theoretically describe nanoscale systems and nanostructures materials from the atomic to the macroscopic scale. Theoretical efforts contribute significantly to the understanding and development of novel materials and devices composed of an ever-growing array of nanoscale building blocks. In this topic many theoretically oriented groups have united to combine their methods to cover effects on many time- and length scales to predict macroscopic behavior based on the nanoscale material and device constituents. Topic 3 is structured into 6 departments loosely associated with different theoretical methods, even though some of the groups may have activities in more than one of the subfields: