KIT Materials Center

BioInterfaces in Technology and Medicine (BIFTM)

Innovative approaches for controlling living systems provide a paradigmatic solution to major societal problems. Existing strategies frequently lack the specificity and efficacy demanded by modern medicine and biotechnology. More worrying, for certain applications, even after decades of research there are still no reasonable strategies to control living systems. Thus, the overarching challenge of the programme BioInterfaces in Technology and Medicine (BIFTM) is to develop new key technologies to control living systems.


Please find further information on the BIFTM homepage.

Science and Technology of Nanosystems (STN)

The Helmholtz Research Programme STN takes on the challenge of controlling and shaping materials from the atomic and molecular up to the macroscopic scale to explore their entire potential of novel functionalities.

STN is dedicated towards research and development of

  • quantum phenomena and molecular building blocks
  • new and novel functional materials
  • new optical and photonic systems

Our activities span the entire range from fundamental science to high performance technologies and integrated systems.


Please find further information on the STN homepage.