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The challenges of the digital economy of the 21st century in the context of the forth industrial revolution require a constant development of new materials to enable new and challenging applications. The KIT Center Materials in Technical and Life Sciences integrates KIT research groups from the natural sciences, engineering and life sciences, which share a common interest in material research and in the development of new materials. The close cooperation between scientists from different disciplines creates a great potential for leading edge research in material sciences. The technological development requires continuous research into and development of new efficient materials for specific applications. In the KIT Materials Center, new materials and technologies are developed in a closed chain, from basic research to economic implementation, thanks to the integration of basic and application-oriented research. The development of nanostructured materials as well as the development of environmentally friendly technologies play a special role in the KIT Center. Furthermore, the integration of information-based approaches and modeling in the context of the digitalization of material sciences plays a growing, and increasingly important, role.

The work of the KIT Materials Center covers five topics:

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NeueQuantenmaterialien SFB/TRR 288
New quantum materials with unique properties
Nanocomposites ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 13, 14806-14813
Microbial Cyborgs: Bacteria Supplying Power
Neue Molekuele fuer innovative Hightech-Materialien KIT
New Molecules for Innovative High-tech Materials
Bionische Oberflaeche Julia Syurik, KIT
New Materials: Brilliant White without Pigments
Pflanzenschutz Alexandra Wolf, KIT
Plant Protection: Communication instead of Poison
Ein Auge fuer Farben_druckbare Lichtsensoren Noah Strobel, KIT
Having an Eye for Colors: Printable Light Sensors
Schnellster hochpraeziser 3D-Drucker Vincent Hahn, KIT
Fastest High-precision 3D Printer
Programmierbare Nester fuer Zellen Niemeyer-Lab, KIT
Programmable Nests for Cells
Cover KIT
Advanced Materials (Wiley/VCH) Special KIT-Issue

"Multidisciplinary Materials Research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)"

The KIT Special Issue contains a total of 27 publications by scientists from the KIT Materials Center, on a broad range of topics.

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