CRC/Transregio 188 | "Damage Controlled Forming Processes"

 TU Dortmund

The CRC/Transregio 188 "Damage Controlled Forming Processes" was initiated corporately by TU Dortmund University and RWTH Aachen University and approved by the DFG on January 1, 2017. Other participating research institutions are the KIT  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf.

Under the guiding principle that damage is not a failure, a fundamental understanding of the damaging mechanisms involved in the forming process and their effects on product properties are investigated. The interdisciplinary scientific consortium consisting of forming technology, materials science, and material testing technology as well as mechanics aims at two paradigm shifts: In forming technology, the transformation from "formability" to "usability" of the products is aimed at. When designing the products, the use of the actual product properties after forming should be taken into account instead of the nominal properties. In the long term, the TRR 188 wants to be able to quantify the degree of damage of a component, to control it, and to specifically adjust it along the process chain. This creates a fundamental prerequisite for the development of a new generation of tailor-made, high-performance lightweight products that are reliable during the utilization phase.

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