Nanostructure Service Laboratory (NSL)

NSL highlights

The Nanostructure Service Laboratory (NSL) at KIT Campus South provides researchers active in the field of nanotechnology with an advanced technological infrastructure for the fabrication and analysis of nanostructures and nanodevices. It supports scientists during the fabrication process and it develops, optimizes and maintains fabrication methods. In particular, the NSL operates a fully equipped central 210 m² cleanroom facility. About 40 m² meet the requirements of a class 6 cleanroom, the other areas meet the requirements of class 7 according to the ISO standard 14644-1. Additional laboratories of the NSL are located in the two upper floors of the CFN building 30.25 and contain other shared equipment for, e.g. preparation of biological specimens for electron microscopy. The machinery of NSL includes dedicated equipment for the structuring, manipulation and characterization of nanostructures. For the lithography, a 50-keV electron beam writer JEOL JBX 5500 FS, a Zeiss Supra VP55 with Raith Elphy Plus system, direct laser writers of Heidelberg Instrument and Nanoscribe for optical lithography in two and three dimensions as well as a Suss Maskaligner MA/BA6 are at the user's disposal. A Zeiss Crossbeam 1540 EsB focussed-ion-beam machine allows for ion beam lithography, ion sputtering and deposition with a focussed metal ion beam. A scanning force microscope, equipment for film deposition by means of a thermal evaporation and sputtering, and facilities for reactive ion etching (RIE and ICP) using chlorine and fluorine chemistry, respectively, complete the equipment. Recent research projects are connected to the investigation of integrated nanophotonic circuits, to the field of bio-photonics, to hybrid nanophotonic devices, and to superconducting Josephson devices. Bundling up the experience with the scientific and technical employees of the NSL guarantees the continuity of knowledge transfer. Young scientists profit from it primarily. NSL is listed in the DFG research infrastructure portal RIsources.


Please read more information on the NSL homepage.