Helmholtz Research School on: Integrated Materials Development for Novel High-Temperature Alloys

The Helmholtz Research School on “Integrated Materials Development for Novel High-Temperature Alloys” provides a structured educational program and a platform for a knowledge-based and research-oriented qualification for PhD students in the area of materials science and engineering.

From spring 2013 on, for two periods of three years each, the research school provides PhD students with the opportunity to contribute to the Research Field Energy within the Helmholtz mission.

Eight research areas (comprising processing, microstructure, properties and modeling/simulation) will decisively strengthen the scientific basis in materials research for energy applications and related technologies, leading to an integrated materials development effort. A significant step in improving the high temperature creep resistance and ductility seems achievable with the directionally solidified eutectic alloys under consideration. Thus a pronounced increase in the efficiency of power-generating systems may be realized if these alloys can be put into technical use. Past experience has shown that only the strong coupling of experimental synthesis and characterization of materials with length-scale bridging modeling and simulation efforts will lead to significant advancement in generation of (scientific) knowledge as well as in a successful implementation of novel materials in technology.

The research school is financed by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Center. Participating partners are the Institute of Applied Materials  (IAM-AWP, IAM-WBM, IAM-WK, IAM-CMS) and the Institute of Engineering Mechanics (ITM).

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