Science Data Center for Molecular Materials Research (MoMaF)

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Science Data Center for Molecular Materials Research” Develops Digitization Modules for Scientific Data – From Acquisition to Processing to Public Archiving.

MoMaF is based on a concept already established at KIT, an electronic laboratory journal (ELN, Electronic Lab Notebook) with the connected research data repository (publicly accessible data archive) Chemotion for organic chemistry. The ELN offers functions for subject-specific acquisition, organization, processing, and interconnection of research data. These functions are the basis of a structured storage and use of the data obtained or for reuse by other researchers. Direct transfer of the scientific data obtained to the Chemotion research data repository enables meta data generation and automatic registration of unambiguous persistent identifiers (PID) for links to external, subject-specific databases. Chemotion is an exemplary software worldwide and was granted the 2017 SPARC-Europe Open Data Champion Award. Now, the source code of ELN and the repository will be extended by appropriate modules for use in the neighboring disciplines of molecular chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, surface chemistry, and virtual development of materials. In addition, a recommendation service will be implemented as a software system. With the help of machine learning methods, work on the organization and analysis levels will be supported and recommendations will be given with respect to data collection, storage, curation, and reuse.

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